Company Profile

Who we are

Kober-Kümmerly+Frey develops, produces and markets maps. The company has a large digital stock of maps: maps of the world, of Europe, of Germany and also maps of German cities.
Currently, sales are exclusively in a tight niche market, as the cartography and sales team at Kober-Kümmerly+Frey has specialised in fast and efficient production of special jobs for large manufacturers of brand-name articles based in Germany.

Where we come from

Founded by the publishing houses Kober-Verlag (Düsseldorf) and Kümmerly+Frey (Bern) altogether we look back to a tradition of almost 160 years.

Our resources

Kober-Kümmerly+Frey offers:

  • A stock of outstanding cartographies which is available for licensing to partner companies. Alongside extremely attractive maps of the world and Europe, the focal point is on detailed maps covering the whole of Germany and city maps of the most important cities for tourism and economics in Germany. All the maps are available in the vector data formats of the graphical industry customary on the market and can therefore be processed by any professional pre-print operator in the world – without specific knowledge of cartography or GIS systems – in the usual graphic design applications. The productivity which can be reached in this way is unique.
  • A brand name which has a high degree of popularity in large parts of Europe, with very good customer relationships lasting for years in the advertising and marketing departments of the major brand-name article manufacturers in Germany, amongst them ARAL (British Petroleum), BMW, Mercedes Benz, DHL, Lufthansa, MAN Roland, Mazda, Mitsubishi, McDonalds, Peugeot, Porsche, Volvo and many more.
  • A lean organisation which can react flexibly and quickly to changes on the market and to new tasks. The company was founded in 1999, is run by the owner, is not bound to any groups of companies and is 100% in possession of the Board. The workforce is small and highly qualified. Kober-Kümmerly+Frey has been working independent of the banks to a great extent since 2005.

The objectives

Kober-Kümmerly+Frey is looking for licensees and strategic partners from all areas of the media branch, in order to spread the existing cartography data in all the market segments imaginable – similar to an image agency. The long-term objective is an extensive provision to national and international graphically orientated users of geo-data with map material from Kober-Kümmerly+Frey. The added value chain is to be extended from the current „Cartographic Special Productions” part segment by the extensive use of the maps in nationwide and regional daily press, the economic and specialist press, in reference books, in travel literature and TV programmes and Internet services on the entire market of „Cartography for print and online applications”.

The partnership

We offer you use of our existing resources for your target markets. Please get in touch with us if you would like utilisation rights for individual map titles, wish to equip your media network with subject-specific map material at a reasonable price or also are planning to enter the market in Germany and wish to make use of our cartographies and our existing customer and supplier connections in this context.

Our contact data

Kober-Kümmerly+Frey Media AG
Rolandstraße 83
D-50677 Köln (Cologne)
Telephone: +49-221-800 334-20
Telefax: +49-221-800 334-21
Your contact is the member of the Board, Mr Tim Kober. Please send your inquiry by e-mail to start with to Depending on the subject of your inquiry, we will call back with an interpreter if need be.

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